You've seen them in the news, on the internet, maybe even in your mailbox. Subscription boxes have become the modern way to purchase the coolest toys, comic books, and clothes.


But what about everything else?



Just a Box.
Every month we'll send you a box. Nothing else.
Just a Box.


Each box will be unique to the month. Some boxes will be big. Others will be small. Some will be shaped like a cube and others more of a cuboid.

All of them will be Just a Box.

Your box will be able to hold all sorts of cool stuff. Marbles, insect collections, even more boxes.

Of course, we aren't selling you marbles or insects (the latter is tough to ship and we've clearly lost the former).

You can store all sorts of things in your box.


But wait, there's more.

Your box can be used for many other purposes.


Need something to write on?
All of our boxes are made of cardboard, which is kinda like paper, only tougher.


Need to build a fire?
Boxes burn real good.


Need to build a fort?
Boxes are pretty stackable.


Need something to put all the cool toys, comic books, and clothes you receive in your other boxes?
Our boxes can hold those things, too.



If I sign up for this subscription service, what am I going to receive each month?
That's easy. Just a Box.

Ok, but will there be anything in the box?

And what can I do with this box?
Your only limitation is your imagination (and the size of this month's box).

What if I don't need a box?
What, you never get take out? Or move to a new city? Or bake a cake for a friend's birthday? What kind of monster are you? Your friend deserves a fucking cake.

Ok, but what if I don't want this month's box because it won't fit a cake?
First, you can fit a cake in any box. Cakes come in all shapes and sizes.

Second, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. We don't mind. More boxes for us.

Third, maybe your friend needs a box. Sharing is an important life skill that can be developed by giving your box to someone else and expecting nothing in return.

This is starting to sound like a joke. Are you for real?
No joke. We will ship you a box.

What are the proceeds from the purchase of my box going towards?
More boxes.

So, that's it. Just a Box?


Get notified when we launch.


Now, go eat some cake.